The Synthetica Bundle is a soundset/sample library of 196 patches for Omnisphere 2 and 174 patches for Iris. It consists mostly of pads, but also playable textures, poly synths, bells and a few basses.

The patches are comprised of 221 custom made samples/soundsources recorded from various analog and digital synthesizers.
The samples have been processed through a wide variety of plug-ins from Universal Audio, FabFilter, Lexicon, SoundToys, ValhallaDSP, u-he, Native Instruments, Zynaptiq, iZotope and others.
Most of the samples have been specifically processed to sound good when played polyphonically, and the result is everything from complex, evolving waveforms to simple, basic building blocks.

Synthetica is a collection of highly expressive and musical patches with lots of motion. They are mainly geared towards ambient, electronica, soundtracks for films, games and TV productions, as well as intros, outros and breakdowns for electronic dance music – or any other genres of music that needs an atmospheric touch.

All patches have mod wheel assignments, and all Omnisphere 2 patches and soundsources are tagged using Omnisphere’s tagging system for easy access. All soundsources are seamlessly looped.

Some of the sampled synthesizers:
Prophet 12
Prophet ’08
Sub Phatty
Virus TI
Microwave XT
Nord Lead 2

Please note: Synthetica for Iris was created with version 1 of Iris. Although the patches can be opened in Iris 2, modulations, macros and mod wheel assignments do not translate properly.